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Technical Solutions

AFS Technologies Technical Support Service delivers technical solutions across a range of customer requirements such as review and audit of existing SBT processes to ensure compliance with procedures, regulatory requirements and industry guidelines. We can also help you with the writing specifications, processes and procedures and material and component selection.


As a leading independent SBT specialist we are a prominent member of the Energy Institute (EI) steering group tasked with writing the EI Guidelines for the management of small bore tubing assemblies


Whatever your SBT System questions might be, our Technical Support Team will be delighted to help provide you with the answers. Problem solving is our business.


Procedures and specifications are only a part of the role undertaken by our Technical Support Group. Our support can only help you to reach technically acceptable solutions for your SBT System applications.


Below is an example of a technical support solution recently provided to a customer. We worked with this customer to determine the problem the problem, provide an interim solution (shown below) and ultimately deliver an integrated process interface assembly. Our technical solution eliminated a series of different products and combined them into the assembly below.  


Process interface issues with component

resulting in loss of production & Hydrocarbon Release.

AFS Technologies interim technical solution designed to replace failing component

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